Sunday, September 27, 2015

Love Bug Day at Disneyland 1969

In honor of the release of The Love Bug, Disneyland had a parade down Main Street of 101 decorated Volkswagens. My mom and dad said that during the parade, everyone was driving like maniacs cutting each other off, "just like Volkswagen drivers always drive". I remember that my parents were convinced that they were going to win the competition. My parents bought $15 of fabric to decorate our car. I was crushed that we didn't win. It was super cold that day.

Here's the promo material:

and the winner:

The grand prize:

Here's my dad's Fifties Volkswagen front with a Fifties station wagon rear:

My little sister and me in front of the Volksie.

And with our mom.
Looking at the other Volkswagens in the background, I think we were robbed. 
Here's one of my parents' favorites. 
I am retroactively disturbed about the W@shington Redskin$' level of racism 
but can admire the work. This car didn't win a prize either.

and here is a look at the cool unadorned Volksie and my stylish father.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mirror Frame Collage

AKA a super easy no-duh but look how cool it turned out project! I needed a mirror behind my computer to avoid being startled by my coworkers. You know, the ones who stand within inches of you silently waiting for you to notice them?

I used Curly Girl napkins and peeled away the back to have a super thin design layer.
If this had been for someone else, I would have masked off the mirror and had a tidy work space. But after jumping out of my skin one too many times, getting it done was more important.
I added sparkly glue to the Mod Podge. Even started a trend. Many of my coworkers have mirrors behind their monitors.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My first try at chalk / milk painting aka very late to the game

I picked this up from a neighbor's curb. It is painted with that brown that looks like wood (forever a mystery as to why) with many many nicks. It was to be a Christmas present for my son and his girlfriend. I finished it today so happy Christmas to them.

I read instructions on Pinterest. Many people bought special brushes and ingredients. My rule was that I couldn't buy anything. I used latex paint, baking soda, and a really nice artist's brush. I tried to use brush on acrylic sealer and most of the paint came off. I repainted and used spray acrylic instead. I am going with a not too bad result. 

Isn't the side cutout nice?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Aunt Peaches Valentine Swap of 2015 - second one

Boy howdy, I will need to step up my game in 2016. Beautiful Valentine from Kelly in Kentucky...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aunt Peaches Valentine Swap of 2015

This is my third year participating. I was so impressed with the Valentines I made this year.
It is a scanned copy of a vintage owl potholder, a Lilly Pulitzer notecard, and very old rick-rack.

But then I got this and realized how modest my effort was:

I'm sure that Candy from Ohio wins all of the Valentine making awards. Hands down the best Aunt Peaches Valentine ever. Also the best Valentine I've ever received. Much gratitude to you Candy!! Probably keeping this on my tie advertising guy forever.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Four views of Pikes Peak

I got this sleeve of views of Pikes Peak yesterday.

Detroit Photographic Co. 1900
The only one that isn't a penny postcard. The newest one with a glossy finish.